Monday 21 July 2014


Optimism Can Improve Your Immunity

In recent years, researchers have found that your mind can have a powerful effect on your body. Immunity is one area where your thoughts and attitudes can have a particularly powerful influence. In one study, researchers found that activation in brain areas associated with negative emotions led to a weaker immune response to a flu vaccine. People who were optimistic about a specific and important part of their lives, such as how well they were doing in school, exhibited a stronger immune response than those who had a more negative view of the situation.

Positive Thinking Is Good for Your Health

Not only can positive thinking impact your ability to cope with stress and your immunity, it also has an impact on your overall well-being. The Mayo Clinic reports a number of health benefits associated with optimism, including a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular problems, less depression, and an increased lifespan. While researchers are not entirely clear on why positive thinking benefits health, some suggest that positive people might lead healthier lifestyles. By coping better with stress and avoiding unhealthy behaviors, they are able to improve their health and well-being.

It Can Make You More Resilient

Resilience refers to our ability to cope with problems. Resilient people are able to face a crisis or trauma with strength and resolve. Rather than falling apart in the face of such stress, they have the ability to carry on and eventually overcome such adversity. It may come as no surprise to learn that positive thinking can play a major role in resilience. When dealing with a challenge, optimists typically look at what they can do to fix the problem. Instead of giving up hope, they marshal their resources and are willing to ask others for help.
Final Thoughts

Before you put on those rose-colored glasses, it is important to note that positive thinking is not about taking a "Pollyanna" approach to life. In fact, researchers have found that in some instances, optimism might not serve you well. For example, people who are excessively optimistic might overestimate their own abilities and take on more than they can handle, ultimately leading to more stress and anxiety.

Wednesday 7 September 2011



He got his money stolen
His passport got lost
Smacked up by goons
Stucked up in a theft case
Considered as a murderer  
Even he was far away from crime
Still he said 
It was not a big deal

His family left him
He even had a loss in 
His business 
And now he was 
Just a simple
Clerk in an office...
He was past his prime
He was a has been
Got in a serious accident
He also became deaf
Was blamed for crimes
was blamed that
He was corrupted
Still he said 
It was not a big deal

Why was he so carefree
Even when he was
Unnecessarily hammered with crimes
But still he was not annoyed
And why was everything
So small for him
Until I knew the 
Biggest secret of his life......

That his wife was in Koma
For more than two years
How could he be annoyed
When his fate gave him
Such kind of a disaster......................


Tuesday 28 June 2011


What unique bond is between
The so remembered couple
Radha- Krishna
I do have a similar bond
With someone who is chronic
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to pray for him
Every morning....
With satchels of devotions
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to be hurt
When someone would go
Against him.........
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to try to allow
Every mature and noble
Paths he paved for me........
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to apologize to him
Whenever I committed any mistake
Even it was big or small........
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to talk to him
Even though he was not there
And feel his voice........
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I used to remember him
In every auspicious moment
In my life......
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
Our bond will never die
Even if I reach his abode
Just like the bond of
Radha- Krishna
I am the benevolent Radha
The jovial devotee
And God is the superior Krishna
My hole and soul......
What a unique bond
Is between
Radha- Krishna.......

Saturday 11 June 2011



Mothers are the queen of the queens and fathers are king of the kings,
To reach their palace we need dynamic wings.

Parents are the freedom birds flying joyfully up clubbed together,
Across the majestic sandunes, mighty peninsulas and devastating weather.

A devil can also change his mind by seeing our parent's wisdom and adoration,
Their contribution's to us will surely change into a historic revolution.

Parents are the auspicious people whose perception never gets deprived,
Parents are ordained to live long as they are always revived.

Parents have taken a wow to always ascend in their deeds,
Parents are always liberate to fulfill their basic needs.

Parents are always the people counted as you both,
To do everything cooly and calmly they have taken an oath.

Our parents life may turn out into a grand life it seems,
May they live happily and achieve all their dreams.



Friday 10 June 2011


When I was chapenoring my last days
I tried to remain cheerful in each and every way.
I was with severe aches and was resting near the window pane
In the sublime country of Spain
All of a sudden, a star came down on my delicate forearm
I touched the star, and I could hear some rustling near my face balm

At this time I could only see some stimulating sparklings
And an angel sprouted out with impulsive wings
That angel had blindfolded me
So that nothing I could see
The angel told me that there were golden gates in a straight line
Now may aches were also gone especially that in my spine

Then I heard millions of voices
Very pleasurable noises

I had thousands of queries in my mind
But I kept them bind

But when she opened my eyes
I got that perception when a person dies

I certainly was in heaven 
Because I had died at 87


Thursday 9 June 2011


You wish, you slide, you gloom, you glance
You make the netted sunbeam dance.
Filled with talent and extravagance
Your way of teaching is an exorbitance.
You give us love, affection and shade
One lovely hand yo stretch for aid.
You are not the people found everywhere
Your guidance is like a shining pearl, found very rare.
Many ideas come fluttering in your mind
This was the treasure everyone was trying to find.
Your value is more than a satchel of gold
Your voice of command is massively bold.
When you are out for a walk at night
All the lakes are sparkling bright.
You are travelling in the sky
On an awesome palanquin flying high.
You should like to rise and go
Where the golden apples rarely grow.
You have a faultless and perfect soul
Which makes your vitality circle completely whole

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Why don't we live like stars?

Why don't we live like stars?
Always at the top
Shining  gracefully above the universe
Smiling happily and feeling proud
Twinkling with sophistication
Beguiled by the huge moon
Encored withg everyone's brava's and bravisaimo's
Exuberance in us never lies
Get time for loafing before th beauteous sunset
Determination to glow for years and years
Saved from problems occurring on earth
Lying motionless arounfd the space
Shimmering is our quality
Silver a prevail colour
Preogative is nature
But God always say
You must be happy with what you have,
Now keeping this thing
In my complicated mind
I say now
May we could live like stars
AGE- 12